A JamPlay.com Review

JamPlay claims to be the leader in online video guitar lessons. We are not sure if JamPlay was the first site to offer premium guitar lessons in video format however we do consider JamPlay to be one of the very first guitar sites to take video guitar lessons really seriously.

If you pay for JamPlay on a yearly basis, it will cost you just under $10 per month. If you pay monthly you will pay almost double that. JamPlay is not the cheapest around but certainly has a lot of video content for you to consume.

Weekly Live Video Guitar Lessons

JamPlay have established themselves as a tried and trusted guitar lesson website. That being said, it's nice to see that JamPlay are not happy sat still and continue to innovate. Their faily new weekly live video guitar lessons segment is a really nice additional to JamPlay. Full HD live guitar workshops, streamed directly to your browser. Nice.

Ask A Real Guitar Teacher

It can be easy to feel alone when teaching yourself guitar. Using YouTube and tablature websites can sometime leave you a little stuck. JamPlay make a professional guitar teacher available daily to answer your questions. The daily teacher is available for 8 hours and is happy to use a webcam if chat and audio isn't doing it for you.

The Pros

The weekly guitar workshop twinned with the access to a real teach every day is a nice touch. Our hat's go off to the chaps at JamPlay for that.

The Cons

JamPlay cover a heap of playing styles. That said, we find their selection of songs by famous artists a little small.

The Tab Archive Verdict

Good range of playing styles, arranged in very well structured courses. Smaller range of pre-stocked popular songs. Access to a real teacher for questions is awesome! If you are looking to master a certain style of guitar that JamPlay have a course on and feel a little alone browse tabs and youtube, JamPlay is certainly worth checking out. You can pay for just a month to make sure it works for you. If you are only really looking to learn some of your favourite songs, we are not sure JamPlay is the best choice for you.

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